Joint-Stock Company «Transneft Metrology» (Transneft Metrology, JSC) is a service subsidiary of Public Joint Stock Company «Transneft» (before June 30, 2016 - Oil Transporting Joint-Stock Company Transneft), JSC offering a wide range of works and services in the area of metrological support of production to entities of Transneft system and other entities.

Key lines of business:

  • Technical maintenance of equipment of oil quantity and quality measuring system (OQQMS);
  • Calibration of containers and technological pipelines;
  • Development of regulatory and engineering documents dedicated to metrological support of oil pipeline transportation;
  • Foreign economic operations (technical maintenance of OQQMS equipment and calibration of containers at foreign acceptance and delivery oil facilities);
  • Performance of other activities related to metrological support of production.

Transneft Metrology, JSC, is a dynamically developing company possessing a modern material and technical base and qualified personnel, which makes it possible to perform works at a level meeting the toughest requirements.