The Chief Metrologist Department of Transneft Metrology, JSC Conducted an Inspection Of Performance Of The Entities of the Transneft, JSC System Laboratories Certified for Engineering Competence in MS Calibration for 9 Months of 2014.

Date of publication: 02 October 2014

Inspection control of metrological laboratories of branches of the entities of Transneft, JSC system certified for engineering competence in MS calibration is performed according to the schedule for 2014 approved by the vice president – director of the department of oil transportation, records, and quality of Transneft, JSC.

Over 9 months of 2014, the Chief Metrologist Department of Transneft Metrology, JSC, conducted inspection control of 15 metrological laboratories (MSCU):




Svyaztransneft, JSC – 2;

- MSCU of the branch Northern ICD;

- MSCU of the branch Sibir ICD.

Transneft Urals, JSC – 6;

- MSCU of the Chelyabinsk PD;

- MSCU of the Kurgan PD;

- MSCU of the Cherkassk PD;

- MSCU of the Arlan PD;

- MSCU of the Tuymazy PD;


SZMN, JSC – 5;

- MSCU of the Almetievsk RPD;

- MSCU of the Romashkino RPD;

- MSCU of the Udmurtia RPD;

- MSCU of the Perm RPD;

- MSCU of the Kazan RPD.

Transneft Central Siberia, JSC – 2;

- MSCU of the Parabel RPD;

- MSCU of the Tomsk RPD.